Get many benefits in one system


Convert any device into a flexible payment point

Our system gives mobile devices the ability to receive payments in flexible ways, either by swiping the credit card behind the device that carries the system or from the device to another


Saving costs of devices downtime

Our System saves its users the costs of hardware maintenance and the costs of purchasing a POS device for each user while ensuring flexibility and security for all user accounts


supports multiple payment methods

SAAEDPAY can be integrated with other systems of DS, such as SAAED RST restaurant management system, and SAAED POS point of sale system, or any other external system that the client prefers


Multiple payment methods

We support multiple payment methods, such as mada, Mastercard, Visa, and Apple Pay


Issuing digital invoices

SAAED PAY keeps electronic records of all financial transactions, available to be retrieved and followed up at any time


Affordable subscription packages

SAAED PAY system is the ultimate flexible payment solution for various businesses as it helps to save the costs of other payment services pricy subscriptions